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You are a up and coming gangster who heard word of a crew from Paleto Bay. You ask around town and whispers lead you to representatives for Trevor Keane leader of a once small time gang from Paleto Five thats now a growing Crime Syndicate consisting of druglords, thieves and assassins. 

You give your background and explain your interest in becoming a part of something more than a simple group of criminals. You dont quite know what you were looking for, but the sense of adventure and the unknown pulls at you. You're given instructions to follow and you embark on the journey ahead.

Starting Out: 

You start out $50,000 dollars in your account and one civilian car (stolen off the streets or pre-owned but role-play wise you will have had it before you joined the crew). 

You'll earn more as you do work and eventually will be able to buy bigger and better things such as sports cars and apartments. This adds a bit of a goal to the game and makes it so you actually have to earn your American dream. 

Police Department records are set up similarly as they were in GTA IV and is just an easy way of introducing yourself. Also be sure to post in the finance thread so we can keep up to date with all of the money you earned.


There are jobs and activities we can pull but for role-play purposes they need to be limited. It doesn't make sense to rob a bank, a train, an armored truck, and kill a guy in one day and get away from it. So there is a limit of 8 points per day. Smaller jobs are worth less points so you can do more of them. Bigger jobs (4 or 5 points) require consequences such as jail time if a cop kills you or any other penalty one can think up. Its up to the guy leading the job to decide consequences. 

This is the current set up:

1 Point:

 Shoplifting, Mugging

2 Points:

Store Robbery, Car Theft

3 Points: 

Crate Drop, Truck Hijacking

4 Points: 

Armored Car Robbery, Murder

5 Points: 

Impromptu Job (like a heist/bank job, we will make up big jobs that are more involved and role-play intensive)

As a recruit you will work and continually contribute to the crew by doing the basic jobs above and also jobs requested by our Racket Leaders. Doing work and getting noticed will get you more sophisticated jobs and advancement in the ranks as you continue to prove yourself.

 The payment for simple jobs is obvious. Whatever the money you earn inside GTA, is how much role-play money you earn. As for role-play jobs that don't give you a job here is some types: Shoplifting or mugging make the profit less than $100 and for truck hijacking make it between $500-$1,000.

Weapons, Vehicles, and Apartments You have to earn all of this. You start out with a single car as listed above and a pistol. I will post average prices for weapons and vehicle and apartment prices are available in game or on the GTA wiki.

Inactivity If you do not see anyone for 7 days, it will be assumed you are in jail. You will be moved into the inactive members thread and stay there until you return (be sure to have a great story for how you got arrested or where you actually were)

Street Crews are made up of the 5 different circles. There is a circle for gun smuggling, drugs, assassinations, fencing, and car export. You are allowed to join two of the five and each circle operates differently depending on who runs it.

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