Bootlegging Ring

Jarren Zombies leads this crew that is centered on bootlegging.

Number of members: 4
Keane's Crew

Keane's personal team that is currently focused on street racing and drug dealing. Ask Keane to join. It is separate from other groups so you can be in this one as a third crew.

Number of members: 3
The Syndicate

A Guild of Merchants and Traders run by Alexis Daerliis, they operate a Black Market. Working with Alexis will get you first choice on any limited stock they acquire.

Number of members: 6
Gun Running Ring

A gun selling operation run by Stan Fletcher and Alyss Bretting. The team steals guns from gangs and other organizations and then sells them to other criminals in need of weapons that they can't buy themselves.

Number of members: 7
Drug Ring

The drug ring ran by Mikhael and Robert Lamb. They deal in heroin, cocaine, meth, and an assortment of other narcotics.

Number of members: 8
Assassin's Ring

Welcome to the Assassins ring which is commanded by  Cammy Poe out of the Great Chaparral. Working for Cammy will get you quicker access to all contracts. Her Lieutenant is Daniel Nagasaki and is the second person to report to with any questions in regards to contracts.

Number of members: 7
Car Theft Ring

The car theft ring is where you want to go in regards to automotive related jobs and vehicle acquisition requests. This ring is ran by both the Richards Caruther and Wilson.

Number of members: 6
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